Holly Springs Motorsports
2017 BTE Bracket Racing Points Series

1.) The BTE Bracket Racing points program will be for the following classes: Ricks Powder Coat Super Pro and Bullet Cams Footbrake.

2.) BTE Points will be awarded as followed:
     20 Points will be awarded for entering the race.
     10 Points for each round win victory.
     The Winner will receive +2 points to their total.
     The Runner-Up will receive +1 points to their total.

3.) All points are awarded to the driver and cannot be transferred under any circumstances.

4.) The driver and points entry/car number are a combination and the number must be on the car driven in eliminations to accumulate points.

5.) The car driven in the 1st Round of Eliminations may not be changed. No Substitute Cars!

 6.) In case of rain out, 2 rounds of eliminations must be completed before any points will be awarded.

7.) FREE Entry Fee to join the BTE Bracket Racing Points Series.


2018 BTE POINTS as of  7-7-18 #6















Previous Champions

BTE Super Pro
2016 Points Champion - Dan Hall
 BTE Foot Brake
2016 Points Champion - James Rivers